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Coming Into Self-Empowerment
 Domestic Violence:
Looking Through A  Neurobiological Lens

The experience of Domestic Violence overwhelms a person’s nervous system, leaving them vulnerable when negotiating with life. Long after the abuse is over the body then begins to show signs of fear, terror, anxiety, shakiness, isolating behaviors, numbness, confusion, disassociation etc.

These symptoms are created by a repressed FIGHT or FLIGHT  response that needs a slow, conscious and careful release through the automatic nervous system.

When our bodies perceive danger, we are designed to fight, flight or freeze. Domestic Violence victims can not fight or flight so their body protects them by putting them in a temporary freeze state.

Coming out of a freeze slowly is the key and  will safely release the nervous system's repressed and thwarted fight or flight reaction. With the fight and flight released, symptoms will not only subside, but a new sense of clarity and empowerment will prevail.

I Offer  Two Different PowerPoint Presentations That Addresses Domestic Violence
 To Clinics And Agencies In The New York Area

Domestic Violence: A Neurobiological Perspective:
This PowerPoint presentation is recommended for therapists working with domestic violence

You will learn to detect the often hidden signs of a freeze response, how not to re-traumatize your clients, how to help your clients slowly come out of freeze, how to access the body/brain connection,how to look for and utilize the fight or flight response, how to maintain and utilize a calm nervous system of your own and to utilize the imagination to release the stuck fight or flight response.

Coming Into Empowerment:
Understanding Domestic Violence Through a Neurobiological Lens:
This PowerPoint presentation is recommended for the victims of domestic violence

You learn to  that your symptoms are the result of the brilliant design of your biology, you will learn exercises to help you find a stable sense of self that you can use in stressful situations, that by honoring and understanding  your biology you can change your psychology, that the release of trauma is a doorway to a confidence and self empowerment that was beyond your reach previously to the abuse.

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